English dub- Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa (Black Butler II Ending)

I know its been quite some time since I last posted, but, hopefully with in the next few weeks that will change. Recently I have been considering starting up a youtube channel, primarily for english dubs of anime openings/endings. Just as a quick test I decided to make a fan dub of Amanda Lee’s english dub to “Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa” The ending for black butler season 2. This was just to get a feel of what it would be like working on it and was a great learning experience for the copy write laws, and how to deal with them.

Before I give a link I would like to inform everyone that this is not my completed version of it.

1. I used my turtle beach head set mic for recording so its not the best quality and there is the occasional pop.

2. I decided not to waste several hours perfecting it due to the fact that the mic quality was lower, so I left out the harmony and didn’t worry about editing every perfectly.

That being said, I was still relatively happy with what I got, so I decided that I will work towards getting a real mic/pop screen, and once I have that I will make the finished version that will sound much better.

Let me know what you think, any suggestions that I could do differently, or improve on. Hope to have the final version done within a few weeks.


Rant (Day 5) – How are you qualified to teach this?

So I’m sure we all know what its like what we have a teacher or substitute who just flat out doesn’t know what they are doing, and its super obvious they don’t know what they are doing but they act like they do. It really bothers me when this happens. I don’t like having my time wasted by someone who is teaching me the wrong thing, especially when I know its wrong and others may not, so they take what they say as right. I feel that if there is no suitable substitute for a class, its better to cancel it for a day rather than steer people in the wrong direction and make things worse.

Last week in choir, we had a sub. I knew it was going to end poorly the second she said she had never heard the songs we were singing. Seriously, it takes a minute to find them on google, listen to them, its not hard. Then we got to singing. Oh dear god that was interesting. For starters she gave us the wrong pitches, so each section was going though there song in their own way. Then, in one of the songs we sing, its suddenly speeds up. She missed this and when we told her, she actually tried to tell us we where wrong. Girl, you havn’t even listened to the song, we know it better then you. After spending no more then four minutes on the song, she moved onto the next one. I was hoping that maybe this one would turn out better. It starts with the girls singing, and it was sounding great. That is, until she paused them and gave the guys our pitches. Way off yet again. Most of the guys just faked it because it didn’t sound right. After failing miserably for a bit one of the guys had had enough. He stuck is hand up, and after five minutes, the sub finally saw. He said that the pitches where wrong and asked that she play the tenor part on piano once to refresh our memories. She told him that he was wrong and that the pitches where right, then, rather than playing the part, just gave the same wrong pitches and went forward.

Seriously. Though it was hilarious that she tried to argue with us about stuff, it still wasted my time. She was obviously not qualified to teach this. And it bothers me that she was.

Rant (Day 4) – People who think they are entitled to everything.

I want to quickly start off with an apology for not posting daily like I said I would (the little voices in my head have been distracting me). I also realized that a daily post might be to unrealistic with my current situation (8 classes), so I’m going to shoot for 2-3 post a week.


Just yesterday I was enjoying a game of league of legends, when horrible lag over game my entire game, and all of us disconnected, which led to the roughly five hour ( give or take an hour) of the game being down, other game lagging and what not. Not going to lie, I was frustrated. I was content with hiding in my room all day and playing league but this was not the case. I complained to people about not being able to play, and it taking riot (company that made league) so long to fix it. But then I sat back for a second and said to myself, there is no way they are just sitting on their asses thinking “haha look our servers down, lets watch the chaos for abit”, but that they where probably working frantically to fix it. And this is where the people thinking they are entitled to things comes into play. I went onto the league of legends facebook page to see if maybe something was said on there. All I saw were hundreds of post from fans demanding free RP( Riot points are purchased with real money to purchase stuff in the game like skins( skins change what your champion is wearing/how abilities look) and other things). But to make things even worse, on top of demanding free RP they also went on about how shit riot is with keeping their servers going. But in all honesty riot does a beautiful job with keeping their servers ( at least NA *Insert EUW server joke here*) up and running. Then, today riot posted that there will be bonus RP when you purchase RP until march 2nd to help you get new champions for season 4, in which people complained about it not being free RP, and that you still have to pay.  For those of you who don’t know much about league, it is 100% free. You can unlock and champion, or runes (they make your stats better) with ip (Influence points are earned by playing the game). RP is only required to buy skins. Yes riot makes loads of money from RP purchase but, its not required, don’t expect a company thats all ready giving you a free game to give you free money as well just because there servers died for a few hours.

The point I’m trying to make is, don’t be one of those people who act like they are more important that everyone else and deserve the world, because I can almost guarantee you that you don’t.

Rant (Day 3) – Anime, Subbed vs Dubbed.

Hey, quick apology for the late post, but lets just pretend that its on time :p.  I mean two hours into day four isn’t too bad…. I just had a busy day and didn’t have time until now. I currently fighting the sleepy time monster that wants me bad. Anyways thats enough babbling from me.


Before getting into my main points I would like to make a few things clear. 1. I’m not saying I hate one or the other. 2. I’m not saying one is always better then the other, they both have their good and bad moments.


Okay, now for the question that can start a fist fight quickly. Whats better? Subbed or dubbed? Well in my personal preference I prefer subbed, for multiple reasons. 1. I feel the voice acting is normally better, this isn’t always the case, but I have managed to stay away from bad anime, so most of the anime I watch is very well done. 2. Now I’m not saying, subbed will make you fluent in japanese, but it does, over time cause you to be able to hear common phrases and automatically know what it means without having to read the translating. I have also seen it spark many people to wish to learn japanese, where as dubbed doesn’t make that go through your head, because its in english. 


Now dubbed can be good too, I have watched many anime with english dub, and I enjoyed them. Soul eater, full metal alchemist, kenichi, rosario vampire (I know, I know “the manga is better”) and many others. The only few problems I have with dubbed is the fact that, after you watch 2-4 dubbed animes, you recognize the voices from other shows, there sadly just arn’t a lot of different voice actors used in dubbed. My second problem is sometimes in can just BUTCHER a show, like, I can’t watched Mirai Nikki dubbed. I tried….. it was bad……. For all of you who don’t know Mirai Nikki ( Future Diary) one of the characters (Yuno) is kinda bat shit crazy, psychopathic maniac girl. And the original voice actor for her did a brilliant job with getting the creepy but sweet voice that is Yuno. However, the english dubbed, sigh, as odd as it sounds, she sounds like a normal girl. This normally wouldn’t be a bad thing, but, she isn’t normal, she’s fucked up. She needs a messed up voice to go with the personality, not a normal voice.


Now this post may not seem fully rant material but, heres the more rant part of the post. People who refuse to watched anime that isn’t dubbed……. This bothers me incredibly, because they are shutting out SOOOOOO many animes. Its like finding a whovian who says he hated David Tennant, pure disappointment in the person. Then some of them, they take it a step further and they say that subbed is bad, and start attacking it. But then we get the really dumb people who are like “Why do the make anime in japanese, it should just all be english”. These people are the one I wish had their names in a certain book, so that they could die. (bonus points to all who get the reference) 


Anyways I’m about to pass out, the sleepy time monster has won this fight. But let me know, whats your preference dubbed or subbed, and why?  I swear if you don’t fall into the people like I mentioned in the last paragraph, then your safe. At 2am I send out a lot of death threats. SLEEEEEEEP. okay yeah thats all for today ( totally on time too :P) ps. I was too tired to proof read this so, be gentle with the corrections.

Rant (Day 2) – Oh? you like me well I like you t……. LOL nope. (Leading people on)

Many people in this world find themselves in this dilemma, you like someone but you don’t know if you like them, or vis versa. Probably the worst thing that a person can do is lead someone on. Some people don’t realize it, but it actually REALLY sucks to be led on. Here a story of my experiance with being led on. I warn you now, this will be…. yeah….. um……. you might want to run away now :p. So I really like this one guy, have for a year now ( to keep his name hidden we will give then a default name of john). So me and him have been friends for about a year (right after I started liking him), and he is the kind of person who has no filter on what he says. (Im super unorganized and forgot to state he’s gay :p). Anyways, when I told him I was *insert whatever my sexuality is here*. He asked if I liked him. Being the stupid and tired person I am (it was 2 am in my defence), I said yes. There was two days of awkwardness between us then things went back to normal. Then right around my birthday, he said that he needed to ask me something (as a birthday gift), and that I would love it. Being the pessimistic person I am, I refused to believe he was going to ask me out. Later that night he broke up with his boyfriend. I couldn’t help but find that very odd. He continued to say how I would love what he was going to ask, and that I was waiting for forever for it. Then… Nothing, he apologized to me and said forget I said anything, and refused to tell me what it was or why he backed down. I of course had figured out that he was going to ask me out at the time, but still needed to hear it from him. So, two months later I got him to tell me, and he was indeed going to ask me out.

That event, was probably one of the most negative things that has happened to me (one of the most). I’m not a confident person to start off, so when something like that happens, I just sit and think, whats wrong with me, am I not good enough. These are things that we need to try to push out of our heads. I have (more or less) accepted that everyone like different things, so its not that there is something wrong with you, more so, they like something else. A gay guy doesn’t like girls, not because they think their ugly, but because they just arn’t into that.

Well I got way off track… ummm yeah the point of this was for those who do the leading on. Don’t do it. It hurst people in ways you can’t imagine. It can send them on a very dark path. If your not sure if you like them do one of two things. 1. Act normal, don’t let them know you might like them until you know for sure. Think about what a relationship with them would be like. If you don’t like what you see, then you probably don’t like them. 2. Talk it out with someone else. Ask someone for advise. Don’t just go in then back out. Treat it like diving, after you jump, there is no going back. You cant just stop halfway though the air and go, lol jk, don’t wana, and then rise back up the the diving board. No, your going all the way in, don’t belly flop….. it will hurt lots.